Cristel Cordero

Cristel studied Marine Biology in the Cientifica del Sur University (UCSUR) in Lima, Peru. During the career, she had the opportunity to do different volunteering and internships (Centro de Recuperacion de Animales Marinos – CRAM in Barcelona, Spain; Ecoceanica in Piura and Tumbes, Peru; Programa Punta San Juan in Ica, Peru) related to the conservation of sea turtles, sea lions, sea birds and elasmobranchs.

Currently, she is doing her undergraduate thesis about heavy metals present in blue sharks in southern Peru. She wants to understand how pollutants present in aquatic ecosystems can biomagnify in the food-chains of top predators. Besides, she is interested in research about trophic ecology of top predators, sustainable shark and ray fishery, as well as carrying out projects to reduce bycatch of top predators.

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