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The Fishers Network

The Fishers Network 'Unión por la Pesca Norteña' was created with the aim to empower the fishing community through the development and strengthening of capacities. By generating and using fishing information, we incentive practices like data sharing, transparency, sense of responsibility and team work that are pillars of local management.  Since November 2019, ProDelphinus has been working with two representatives of the fishers association at each fishery community in Piura (Lobitos, Cabo Blanco, Los Organos and Mancora) and in Lambayeque (San José) for fishing and environmental data collection. Remote meetings have been held where feedback of the data collection and experiences have been continually shared. Informative bulletins with the fishing and environmental data are generated and shared with the community. Currently, we are working on ways in which this practice can be maintained and adopted at the long-term, with the purpose that they can use this information for the sustainability of their livelihoods and the marine ecosystem.

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