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Jeffrey Mangel

From Syracuse, New York, Jeff has worked with Pro Delphinus since 2003 as the Scientific Director. He is also an Assistant Professor at the Marine Biology Faculty at Científica del Sur University and an Associate Researcher with the Centre for Ecology and Conservation at University of Exeter from where he received a PhD in Biological Sciences in 2012. Moreover, he has a Master of Environmental Science from the SUNY College of Environmental Science (1997) and Master of Coastal Environmental Management from Duke University (2003) He participated in numerous research and conservation projects including studies of hawksbill turtles, monk seals, and coral reef ecology and seabird conservation. He also worked on a number of sea turtle nesting beach projects in Costa Rica, Suriname and Palau. In 2003 Jeff was awarded a Fulbright scholarship to work with Pro Delphinus to study marine otters in southern Peru. In 2005 Jeff worked for the NOAA Pacific Islands Regional Office as a Resource Management Liaison. 


University of Exeter bio



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Marie Van Bressen

Marie obtained her PhD in veterinary sciences at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Department of Immunology and Vaccinology, University of Liège, Belgium. She is an Associate Scientist at the Peruvian Centre for Cetacean Research (CEPEC) and founding member of Pro Delphinus and of the Cetacean Conservation Medicine Group. Her early work at Pro Delphinus and CEPEC was directed toward the conservation of cetaceans, sea turtles and other aquatic wildlife through environmental education of children. Marie was also closely involved in the monitoring of small cetacean and sea turtle fisheries in Peru, as well as in the in the collection of data on the natural history of cetaceans. 



Eliana Alfaro

Biologist graduated in the Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina, Peru and Msc. of the programme in “Master of Marine and Lacustrine Science and Management” (Oceans & Lakes) (Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Universiteit Antwerpen and Universiteit Gent), Belgium.
​Interested in research about small scale fishery in Peru by applying an interdisciplinary work together with fishermen and scientists in order to generate information and to promote alternatives for a sustainable fishery in the country.

Vania Arrese

Vania is a student of the Marine Biology career at the Cientifica del Sur University, Lima, Peru. At the moment she is doing her thesis on parasites in the "spotted dogfish" (Triakis maculata) captured in southern Peru. Her great interest in elasmobranchs has led her to become part of ProDelphinus since 2018, where she has been working on the diet of several sharks in northern Peru, focusing mainly on the identification of one of their main prey, cephalopods. With this, an attraction towards the study and conservation of elasmobranchs and cephalopods was born.

Cristel Cordero

Cristel graduated as a marine biologist from Científica del Sur University in 2019. During the career, she had the opportunity to do different volunteering and internships (Centro de Recuperación de Animales Marinos – CRAM in Barcelona, Spain; Ecoceanica in Piura and Tumbes, Peru; Programa Punta San Juan in Ica, Peru) related to the conservation of cetaceans, sea turtles, sea lions, sea birds and elasmobranchs.

Currently, she is doing her undergraduate thesis about heavy metals in blue sharks from Southern Peru. Besides, she is interested about trophic ecology of top predators, sustainable shark and ray fishery, as well as carrying out projects to reduce bycatch of top predators.

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Nelly Peña

Nelly studied Biology at the Universidad Nacional Federico Villarreal (UNFV) in Lima, Peru. During her stay as a student she has participated in conservation events for the care of the marine environment. She did an internship at the Laboratory of General and Specialized Parasitology (LAPAGE) where she studied parasites in elasmobranchs, especially in batoids. Currently, Nelly is doing her undergraduate thesis with Pro Delphinus on the trophic ecology of "Eagle Skate" in the north of the country.


Adrián Custodio

Adrian is a student of the Marine Biology career at  Cientifica del Sur University in Lima. He has been a part of Pro Delphinus since 2020.

Currently, Adrian is working on his university thesis about the detection of mercury levels in blue sharks captured in southern Peru. Adrian is interested in the study of trophic ecology and heavy metal contamination in top predators, especially sharks.


Joshimer Rodríguez

Joshi obtained her degree in Biology at the Central University of Venezuela in 2011, with a specialization in Zoology and she’s member of Pro Delphinus since 2019. During her career she has been actively involved in activities of scientific divulgation, as well as in the study and conservation of wildlife, specially invertebrates.

Joshi currently assists in the management of different projects for Pro Delphinus, including the edition of a guide for the identification of beaks of various cephalopod species of the Peruvian coast. Her main interests are scientific communication through the edition of educational texts and photography, as well as research activities on biology and ecology of various species.


Jannyna Mires

Jannyna graduated as a marine biologist from the Cientifica del Sur University in Lima and she has been part of the Pro Delphinus team since 2017.

She is doing her university thesis on swordfish, analyzing stable isotopes of carbon and nitrogen. In addition, she is part of a PNIPA Project in strategic alliance with TASA to reinforce techniques for handling and releasing of incidentally captured species. Interested in research about trophic ecology of top predators and sustainable fisheries to promote a better marine species and environment management.


Karina Oton

Karina earned her Bachelor of Science Degree from Ricardo Palma University and in 2002 obtained her Master in Ecological Marine Management from the Free University of Brussels. Karina is currently working on the database obtained during work toward her Master thesis.


Sergio Pingo

Sergio has a degree in Biological Sciences from National University of Piura and in 2011 was selected to be part of the Pro Delphinus project ‘Tools to Promote Conservation of Seabirds in the Piura Region’. Since then, Sergio joined the Pro Delphinus team, collaborating with our research and environmental education initiatives.Currently, Sergio is the Pro Delphinus representative in the city of Piura, is part of the Albatross Task Force (ATF) training team in Peru, and helps directs the Piura-based Conservation Radio program.Sergio is fully committed to the conservation of birds, turtles and marine mammals. He is interested in working together with Pro Delphinus on a variety of different projects along Peru’s north coast.


Astrid Jiménez

Astrid has a degree in Biological Sciences from, National University of Piura and in 2011 was selected to be part of the Pro Delphinus project “Tools to Promote Conservation of Seabirds in the Piura Region”. Since then, Astrid joined the Pro Delphinus team, collaborating with our research and environmental education initiatives.Currently, Astrid is the Pro Delphinus representative in the city of Piura, is part of the Albatross Task Force (ATF) training team in Peru, and helps direct the Piura-based Conservation Radio program.Astrid is fully committed to the conservation of birds, turtles and marine mammals and is interested in working together with Pro Delphinus on a variety of different projects along Peru’s north coast.


Francisco Bernedo 

Francisco is a fisherman from the southern Peru port of Ilo. He is known as “Chaval” and he is dedicated to the conservation of endangered marine fauna.Chaval has been collaborating with Pro Delphinus since 2005 as an onboard observer and in our educational campaigns on protected marine fauna held in fishing ports. In 2007, Chaval participated as the ProDelphinus ‘Fishermen Ambassador’ as part of our seabird program.

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Elizabeth Campbell

Elizabeth Campbell graduated from Del Valle de Guatemala University in December, 2011 with a BSc in Biology. She spent a semester abroad at Duke University Marine Laboratory in 2011. She also  participated in a Conservation Leadership Programme training course: Fundraising, Writing Porposal Previous Work: Her career has given her incredible field experiences, including studying cetaceans off Pacific Coast of Central America, sexing hooded seals with PCR at Duke University Marine Lab and investigating humpback whales in Puerto Rico. She completed an MSc Biodiversity and Conservation at University of Exeter during 2013-2014 working with river dolphins in Pucallpa, Peru.

She is part of Pro Delphinus since 2013, working with artisanal fishermen to reduce bycatch of endangered animals and leading the Amazon River dolphin project in Ucayali, Peru.  

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Chiara Guidino

Chiara Guidino graduated from Cientifica del Sur University in 2012 with a BSc in marine biology. She has volunteered in the Galapagos National Park studying cetacean ecology and ID. She also spent several years studying humpback whales in northern Peru. She completed an MSc in Marine Science and Management in the University of Technology of Sydney in Australia during 2014 to 2015, studying fish behavior in Sydney bay. 

Currently, she is a researcher in Pro Delphinus NGO and Cientifica del Sur University, working with conservation of marine mammals and their interactions with small-scale fisheries and coastal communities.

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Luis Santillán

Luis graduated as a biologist from Universidad Ricardo Palma, Lima. In 2003, he obtained a Master in Sciences at Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina. Luis conducts research in marine fauna along the Peruvian coast and currently works as a consultant.

Blue Hummingbird 2014-4-29-12:27:4

David Montes

David is a biologist and veterinarian. He has a Master of Veterinary Science from the University of São Paulo (Brazil). He is a member of the Peruvian Center for Cetacean Research (CEPEC) and Pro Delphinus. David has research experience with cetaceans and sea turtles. Besides, he is a teacher and researcher at several universities in Lima.


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Clara Ortíz

She is a Biologist graduated from the Peruvian University Cayetano Heredia, Msc in “Marine Biology and Ecology” at the James Cook University.

Along her carrier she has studied the genetics of different organisms. Currently she is interested in population genetics and its use as a tool to contribute with the conservation of different species, with particular interest in aquatic mammals. 

Ruben Torrejón PD (1).jpeg

Rubén Torrejón

Ruben is currently studying the Marine Biology Degree at Cientifica del Sur University, Lima - Peru. He has been part of Pro Delphinus since 2018 and has participated in research on the composition of the shark diet in northern Peru, discovering a great fondness for one of its most important prey, the cephalopods. Interested in the biology and conservation of elasmobranchs and cephalopods in the Peruvian sea.

Currently, he is working on his thesis about neuroscience of the “Spotted Houndshark”. Its main objective is to analyze the lifestyle and the development of their senses.


Mateo Mamani

Mateo collaborates with Pro Delphinus in educational campaigns conducted at the port of Ilo in southern Peru. He is a lawyer and graduated from Private University of Tacna. Mateo also has 15 years of experience as an artisanal fisherman during which time he became increasingly interested in marine conservation and which led to his collaboration with Pro Delphinus.


Mariela Pajuelo

Mariela graduated as a Biologist from Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos in Perú. She obtained both her MSc (2010) and PhD (2015) from the University of Florida in U.S.A. She has worked with fishing communities in Perú to raise awareness about the need to protect marine environments and reduce the bycatch of endangered species. Mariela has investigated the foraging ecology of sea turtles populations using a combination of stable isotope analysis and satellite telemetry.She has also assisted teaching several courses in the Biology Department at University of Florida, including vertebrate anatomy, animal physiology, and introductory biology. She is currently working at Pro Delphinus toward the great objective of conserving marine animals while promoting fishery sustainability.


Daniela Thorne

Daniela is a Marine Biologist graduated from Cientifica del Sur University. Her main interest is the conservation of animals and ecosystems through research, education and the development of more sustainable practices. Currently she is working hand in hand with fishermen from different ports of Piura in the "Fishermen Information Network" project to help them create a more sustainable community management system.


She has also been working on ecology and taxonomy of some sessile invertebrate groups, mainly focusing on their functional characters. The objective of this approach is to be able to predict the responses of these organisms to the environmental changes that are taking place at regional and global level.


Eduardo Segura

Eduardo is a marine biologist at Científica del Sur University, Peru. He has participated on a project about turtle nest and rays in Piura, Peru. Also, he has worked in the laboratory of trophic ecology in IMARPE. Currently, he is working on multiple Pro Delphinus research and conservation projects. Eduardo is doing his university thesis work with Pro Delphinus on trophic ecology of eagle rays in northern Peru. His main interest is sustainable development projects that involve the participation of commuties and the sustainable use of marine resources.

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