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Radio Conservation


The ProDelphinus Radio Conservation Program is a novel new tool we use to communicate in real time with fishermen at sea to help reduce marine fauna bycatch. The program was begun in 2008. Using our HF radio base stations in Lima and Piura, we are able to communicate with fisherman in Peru and as far away as Ecuador and Chile.


We provide fishermen valuable environmental data like current, wind and sea temperature data that can help them as they fish. And we are also able to talk to them about their interactions with sea turtles, seabirds and small cetaceans. We use these opportunities to help inform fishing crews how to safely release any bycaught animals and what they can do to reduce captures in the future. The program has helped us reach out to hundreds of fishing boats and crews throughout the Southeast Pacific and is a powerful new tool as we work to better understand and reduce seabird, sea turtle and small cetacean bycatch. You can find us at radio frequencies North 8.281.2 and South 10.695.0.



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